A great cup of coffee begins its story long before it is even served.

Rev Coffee Roasters has become a staple by being able to communicate that story to customers in refreshingly accessible ways. Roasting locally has given our customers the opportunity to be able to taste and learn about coffees from all around.

By expanding to wholesale, we are taking the intimacy of the Rev Coffee experience beyond our garage doors. Rev Coffee is all about telling a great coffee story and giving it a proper ending.

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Decaf Blend

Select water decaffeination process

A savory combination of black licorice and brown sugar

Espresso Nine Blend

Central American coffees comprise this traditional espresso blend

Brewed with an espresso machine, this coffee is smooth and decadent with a heavy body


Central American coffees comprise this traditional espresso blend

With very balanced and rich flavors with a thick body

Pogo Espresso Blend

A blend made specifically for a more contemporary, ever-evolving espresso; components will vary throughout the year

As a shot of espresso, this blend is a curated experience of sweetness, brightness and overall balance

Silver Comet Blend

This is a blend for those who work hard and enjoy simple pleasures

Brewed with an espresso machine, this coffee is smooth and decadent with a heavy body


This blend was a collaboration with Muss & Turners; it is our best seller

Rich and decadent, the taste of walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate is undeniable


As our darkest roast, the Cerrado shines in a French Press and as cold-brew

Slightly smokey, full-bodied and bittersweet flavors are pleasant in this cup

Guatemala ASDECAFE

A pleasant coffee, this Guatemala is currently the base in most of our blends and it serves as a great breakfast coffee by itself

It yields an experience similar to a creamy, milk-chocolate covered raspberry candy bar


A naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia that carries bright red fruit forward is never disappointing

This naturally processed coffee reminds us of a tangy and sweet mixed berry shortbread dessert


Coffees from Mexico aren't usually a strong presence but this one stood out tall on our cupping table

With flavors of a fine pinot noir, strawberries and cinnamon, this coffee is winning

El Salvador Potrero Grande

This honey processed coffee is absolutely remarkable and we instantly fell in love

We taste bright citrus that's balanced out by so much sweetness and a nick dark cherry


Such a versatile coffee! It's delicious as a drip brew and espresso (a component of a blend or all alone)

You'll find subtle flavors of dragonfruit, cedar and hazelnut


Coffee isn’t our summer job
and it’s not just a hobby.

Rev Coffee Roasters was born and raised by a community that doesn't settle for “decent,” so we never learned the meaning of the word. In fact, sourcing, roasting, and preparing coffee that pushes the boundaries of exceptional quality is kind of an obsession for us, so we’re glad to have plenty of coffee around to keep ourselves at it. Our heavily-caffeinated and perfectionist mentality toward coffee is in service to every bar in life that could be raised just a little bit higher. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Rev community — let’s raise the bar together.

A perfectly-roasted batch of coffee does not exist. We’ve been trying to prove that wrong since 2010.


Have you ever tried to fit in at a corporate desk job, but kept having this nagging idea that you should be doing something better and more fulfilling with your time, energy and resources? That happened to Nick and he broke out to pursue that idea with Rev Coffee. Since then, he’s been a rolling stone: growing the business and his knowledge of coffee without skipping a beat. He’s determined to keep growing, just so he can do new things and have more fun with it.


Aajay is in the pursuit of knowledge and he always takes it very seriously … except when he takes it very sarcastically. He’s working to combine his two loves, coffee — 10 years a veteran now — and academia, and he’s been able to find plenty of avenues through which to do so. To do what you love, especially when it causes change (personally, relationally, societally, or metaphysically) is infinitely more important and valuable than chasing the $.


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