The basics...

Rev Fest happens twice a year, in April and October, and features a large gathering of artists and crafters who sell their wares in our front parking lot while local musicians serenade the crowd throughout the day. It's an opportunity to hang out with our neighbors, drink some good coffee, and see what our friends have been up to.



What is the fee to participate?

What does this cover?
The cost associated with the development of the festival, such as marketing, payment for bands, etc.

How many vendor spots are there?
We usually make space for 45 to 50 booths

Do you provide tents and/or tables?
We do not. Each artist is responsible for their own set up and displays.

Will there be electricity?
No, our electricity is diverted to the musicians.

What is the set-up time?
6:00am is the earliest; all we ask is for you to be ready to go by 9:30am.

How do I become a vendor?
Email us ---


What time does the music start?
Noon o'clock.

What time does the music end?

Is screamo or death metal allowed?
Know your audience, bro. No.

What about cussing?
This is a family friendly event. Be creative and cover up your dirty lyrics with clever words.

How does my band play at Rev Fest?
Email us ---


Where do I park?
Across Spring Road in the paved lot OR across Jonquil Drive in the large grassy lot.

What's for lunch?
BBQ by Ebony and Ivory will be available for purchase. Our full menu will also be available in the shop.

Big thanks to The Music Studio at Vinings for their support of this fall's Rev Fest!

Spring rev fest 2018

Save the date: Saturday, April 7th!

Rev Coffee is proud and excited to announce Rev Spring Fest 2018. Rev Fest is a one-day music and arts festival held twice a year that features local artists and musicians. The event will be on Saturday, April 8th, in the front and side parking lots of Rev Coffee.

The motivation behind Rev Fest is a merging of artists, musicians, and businesses in the Smyrna, and surrounding community. Our hope is to provide a venue for local artists to display and sell their talents and passions while at the same time inviting the community to observe and enjoy in a comfortable and entertaining environment.

The festivities begin at 9:00am. A variety of artists will have booths set up for viewing their work. Please see below for a list of all participating artists coming to Rev Fest.

BBQ will be available for purchase from:
Ebony and Ivory

The music gets going at 10:00am and will continue until 8:00pm. All of the performing musicians will be listed below.

Parking will be available in the rear of the building. The main entrance will be blocked for all Rev Fest activities. Please enter through the Jonquil Road entrance.

Artists Involved:

Visual Ecstasy

Susan Smith

Chemika Tunstall

Ashley Moore

Samantha Carey

Naomi Garcia

Jenny Aiken

Dallas Ward

Carrie Willard

Tish Johnson

Kirsten Gross

Kiwi Mcdowell

Scott Currie


The JUNKMAN Artist

Lilia Uriostegui

Kevin Olson

Christopher Edge

Cheri Harrington

Local Motive Tees

Vintage Fusion

Ashe Johnson

Doodles & Designs by Ivonne

Massiel Ocampo

Melody Bourne

The Book Bender

Gloria Stowers

Robert Montgomery

Robert Masoudpour Real Estate

Miranda Zerbe

Kate Cotter-Reilly

Samantha Muntz

Pretty Patina

Haley Donner

Nature Vibe Jewelry

Ginger Yum

Katie Craig


Alpine Leather Company

Bryan M. Powell

Sue Pezely

Amber Amend

Dr. Amit Ofek

Indie Arts Alliance

Leslie Crump

Avonlea Square


Music Lineup:

9:00am - 11:45: Student Spotlights: The Music Studio at Vinings Presents


12:00 pm - Steve Nebraska


1:00 pm - Paces Mountain Band


2:00 pm - Ross Talbott and Chad Honea





3:00 pm - Andrew Vickery


4:00 pm - Rob Agocs


5:00 pm - Noah Haines


6:00 pm - Clusters of Grey